Message from the Managing Director

I’ve always wanted to do something different. It was always my dream to implement the latest technology in Bangladesh as a benchmark for the current generation and the next. Having been involved in our country’s textile industry for over twenty-five years, I’ve set myself a goal to help Bangladesh achieve global recognition for the important role it plays in the textile industry.

“Over the years, Hamid Fabrics Ltd. has managed to accomplish many feats; to name but a few, HFL is producing yarn and finessed goods, and has established an environmentally-friendly factory to meet the health and safety needs of every staff member.”

I consider it a huge achievement that Hamid has morphed itself as a global name synonymous with superior quality and sustainable business practices. As Bangladesh surges towards becoming a more developed nation, we hope to make even greater progress in the local and global textile industry in the years to come.

Abdullah Al Mahmud Mahin
Managing Director